4 advantages of a holiday in Friesland in September

Do you like a lot of peace and privacy? Then September is the perfect time to book a weekend away or holiday in one of our holiday homes Friesland. Booking a holiday in September offers many surprising advantages. Curious? Then read on.

The summer (holidays) are really over now and that means that children are going back to school and many people are back to work. Are you not bound by the school holidays and do you like peace and privacy? Then September is the ideal month to book a holiday in Friesland. Of course, you can also book a midweek or weekend. We are happy to tell you what the advantages of this are.

1. A holiday in September is cheaper

In the high season, the prices of renting a holiday home are simply higher than during other periods. If you book a holiday home in Friesland in September, you will be a lot cheaper. A big advantage! Of course you can book well in advance, but we also offer many nice last minutes. You can find them here.

2. Less pressure and more rest

That’s right: in September it’s a lot quieter at the holiday parks and in the surrounding area. Many people therefore choose to plan their holidays after the summer. There will be fewer tourists in Friesland and that offers many advantages. This makes it easier to go to a popular restaurant, fun outings are less likely to be fully booked and you will meet fewer people during your cycling or walking tour in the area. Delicious!

3. More holiday homes on offer

Our popular holiday homes are booked months in advance. Especially during school holidays, the supply of holiday homes in Friesland can therefore be less. In September, you will be less affected by this problem. Your ideal holiday home may still be available.

4. Pleasant temperatures

Not everyone likes heat during a holiday. Cycling, walking or going on fun trips is not always pleasant when it is very hot. In September you can count on pleasant temperatures. It’s a bit cooler, but when the sun is shining it’s still lovely outside. Is it raining for a day? There are plenty of fun activities you can do indoors. Although you can also just stay in your holiday home and play old-fashioned games, for example.

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