A day in Harlingen? Here are 3 tips

Harlingen is a popular city in Friesland and one of the eleven Frisian cities that Friesland is known for. During a holiday in the most water-rich province of the Netherlands, a visit to this city is certainly an obvious choice.

With almost 15,000 inhabitants, Harlingen is the fifth largest town in the province. Harlingen is located directly on the IJsselmeer and the port is the most important in Friesland. Harlingen is perhaps the most Dutch city in Friesland. Relatively few inhabitants of Harlingen speak the Frisian language and it is also little taught in schools. Nevertheless, this city is definitely worth a visit. There are more than 500 national monuments in the city. A large part of the city is a protected cityscape. We give three tips for a day in Harlingen.

Tips for a day in Harlingen

1. Visit the port of Harlingen
Harlingen is an important port city for ships that maintain cargo routes to Scandinavia, among other countries. The fishing port is also home to the Urk brown fleet and a large number of large sailing charter ships. With these ships, groups can sail to the Wadden Islands. So be sure to take a look at the port.

2. Discover the Hannema House
The Hannemahuis is the centre for culture and history of Harlingen. In any case, a beautiful historic Patrician house houses a museum that tells a lot about the history of Harlingen. You will find a collection of centuries-old paintings, maritime objects, photographs, silverware and beautiful furniture.

3. Rent a boat
Do you want to admire Harlingen from the water? Then rent a boat at Ouwe Seun in Harlingen. The motorboats are easy to steer and you can sit comfortably. Take a trip on part of the eleven cities trail or sail through one of the beautiful nature reserves.

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