Three reasons to go on a sailing holiday in Friesland

Friesland is the most water-rich province in our country and therefore popular among water sports enthusiasts. Because whether you want to sail, paddle or sail: It’s all possible here. Wondering if a sailing holiday is something for you? We give you three reasons to go sailing in Friesland.

Nowhere else in the Netherlands will you find as many sailing areas as in Friesland. A sailing holiday in your own country is therefore popular and perfect for a weekend or week away with friends or even with the whole family. Still in doubt? These three reasons convince you.

1. Endless sailing routes

From the Slotermeer, the Sneekermeer to the Heegermeer. Friesland has 24 official lakes. The largest part is suitable for small and large sailing. Plus, there are tons of sailing routes to choose from. The most famous is of course the 231.0-kilometre-long Eleven Cities Route. If you have never been to Friesland before, this route is highly recommended. Along the way you will pass the most beautiful sights of Friesland.

2. Numerous types of sailboats to choose from

There is also a type of sailboat for every type of sailor. Don’t have a license yet? You don’t need that for sailboats shorter than 7 meters. But if you are looking for a sailing yacht, for example, a sailing license is mandatory. Fortunately, if you do not own your own boat, you can often rent a boat with or without a skipper.

3. Easy to combine with a stay in Friesland

After a long day on the water, it’s nice to relax in your holiday home. Many of our holiday homes can be found close to the Frisian lake district. You can therefore easily combine a sailing holiday with a stay in Friesland.

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