The 3 best museums in Friesland

Friesland is best known for water, boating and ice skating, but there are also dozens of museums to be found. We have listed the three best museums.

Do you want to soak up some culture? That is also possible in Friesland. Friesland is home to a large number of unique museums, where countless Frisian treasures can be admired. You should definitely visit these three museums:

1. The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden
Since September 2014, the Fries Museum has been located at the Wilhelminaplein in Leeuwarden. Here you will find everything about Friesland and the Frisians. Discover more about the Frisian language, get to know all the famous Frisians from the past and present and get to know the 11 Frisian cities. Part of the Fries Museum is also the Frisian Resistance Museum. Here you can experience how the inhabitants of the Frisian countryside experienced the Second World War.

2. Museum Belvédère in Oranjewoud
In the picturesque Oranjewoud, the Museum Belvédère is located in beautiful surroundings, near the Oranjewoud Estate. The museum is full of modern and contemporary art by a large number of Northern Dutch and Frisian artists. Tip: also take a walk in the beautiful museum park with baroque gardens and a watchtower.

3. Ice Age Museum in Buitenpost
Buitenpost is home to the Ice Age Museum. A perfect museum for the whole family. In this museum you will find archaeological finds, tools and weapons that have been found in the Frisian soil. You will learn all about the Ice Ages and the huge boulders left behind by the ice.

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