Bad weather and a day in Friesland? Here’s what you can do

If it’s cold, rainy or inclement weather, a day in Friesland doesn’t have to be a bad one. There is much more to see and experience in Friesland. Here are three tips.

1. Visit one of the many museums
Friesland is bursting with museums. The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden or the planetarium of Eise Eisinga in Franeker are must-sees. But also discover the more unknown museums, such as the Frisian Agricultural Museum in Earnewâld. Here you will come across the living, working and living conditions of the Frisians over the past 2000 years. Curious about how clogs are made? In the Wooden Shoe Museum in Noardburgum, hundreds of clogs are still produced every week.

2. Shopping in Leeuwarden or Joure
What can you do very well in bad weather? Shop! Go to the Frisian capital Leeuwarden or, for example, Joure. There is a wide range of shops in Joure. The Midstraat in Joure is more than a kilometre long! You will find many special, unique shops here. Don’t forget to visit the first shop of Douwe Egberts, where the coffee is still freshly roasted.

3. Culinary delights in Friesland
For anyone who loves pure and delicious food, Friesland is the place to taste. You will find nice restaurants with mainly products from our own region. That is not surprising, because there is an abundance of livestock, agriculture and growers in Friesland. Friesland also has many delicacies of its own, which are definitely worth tasting. Time for an extensive lunch, high tea or delicious dinner.

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