Hiking in Friesland: this is how you are prepared for the road

Happy hiking!

Friesland is a mecca for water (sports) lovers, but you can also indulge yourself here as a hiking enthusiast. The vast nature, forests, mudflats and waters offer many opportunities for you to get out and about. This way you will be prepared for the road.

From your holiday home in Friesland, you can walk straight into nature. But, beware: during hot days in the summer, it is wise to be well prepared. So read on and discover how you can walk carefree in the beautiful Frisian nature during a hot summer’s day.

Protect yourself from the sun and ticks

In the summer, it can get quite hot and the risk of sunburned skin increases. Therefore, apply sunscreen well before you go hiking in Friesland and do this again during the trip. Even if it’s cloudy, you can get sunburned. Ticks are also very active in the summer. And especially in natural areas. Wear covering clothing and closed shoes. Ticks usually get to your skin through your pant leg, so wearing socks is also recommended. Have you spotted a tick? Then remove it as quickly as possible with tick tweezers or pointed tweezers.

Drink and eat plenty during your walk

Take plenty of water with you when you go for a walk or make a pit stop in one of the nice Frisian towns such as Sneek, Woudsend or Harlingen. If you drink too little, you can become dehydrated. Then you will suffer from nausea, dizziness or headaches. Also, don’t forget to eat. Eat light and bring healthy snacks on the go, such as fruits, nuts, or vegetables to snack on. This way you can continue to enjoy the beautiful nature in Friesland without hunger.

Plan your route through Friesland in advance

Just following a route is not wise when you go hiking. Especially not on a hot day. Therefore, map out the route you want to walk at home. Keep in mind that walking in hot weather demands more from your body. So it’s better to walk a slightly shorter route. Take plenty of breaks in between. Don’t forget a hiking map, compass and charged phone. Tip: combine your walk with a stay in one of our holiday homes in Friesland.

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