Vacation home Gaasterland forests

The most wooded area of Friesland is, of course, the focus of your stay in the vacation villa in Oudemirdum. If children are also traveling with you on vacation, it is fun to have a picnic along the way. Bring yummy sandwiches and some goodies for the road and pause to enjoy lunch together on a picnic blanket. The advantage of vacationing in the forest is that there are always plenty of opportunities for hiking. You can determine your own hiking route through the forest and around it. But you can also choose to follow a marked hiking trail.

What applies to hiking, of course, also applies to cycling. From your vacation villa in forest, you can also follow one of the many cycling routes available. Multiple bike routes are always available. Sometimes you cycle straight through the forest to the IJsselmeer coast and other times you cycle through the Gaasterland forests to, for example, the Frisian lakes or to the Frisian meadows, where the cows are grazing at ease. From Balk (beautiful vacation homes on the Slotermeer) you can go on beautiful canoe trips through the small river De Luts. You will then see a truly magnificent piece of the Gaasterland forests. Is highly recommended to come for a healthy walk in Friesland.

From your cottage in the forest, you can also engage in activities other than just hiking or biking. For example, it is also fun to take a day trip to one of the Frisian Elf Cities in the area. There are always nice villages or towns located near the forest, offering plenty of attractions and sights. For example, visit cow museum or clog museum near your cottage. Or visit the Sybrandys amusement park in Rijs with the children. Just outside the village of Oudemirdum you will find the Hege Gerzen IJsselmeer beach where you and the children have every opportunity for swimming and recreation.

In your vacation villa in the forest, you have everything on hand to cook your own daily meals. But you always have the choice to also have a delicious dinner out at a restaurant near the vacation villa in the forest. Above all, of course, it is important to enjoy every day in your vacation villa in the woods.

Of course, there are several advantages to renting a vacation villa in the woods. The surroundings are natural and privacy is offered in addition to a lot of freedom. It is wonderful to wake up in the woods every morning and experience the feeling of space. In the forest, you are part of nature and come to complete rest and relaxation. Moreover, a variety of opportunities are offered to enjoy even more of the nature around the vacation villa in the forest. Gaasterland is within biking distance of the Frisian lakes, and in addition to hiking and biking, the area is excellent for water sports in Friesland. One day you will view these beautiful surroundings from a bicycle and another day you will view Friesland from the water. Truly a varied vacation at home.

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